I'm Saara and I change lives through fitness. I do things a bit differently, but here's what my humans have to say:  


Jenna's words:

Saara is AMAZING! I’ve been training with her for 2 years now. With her training and support I’ve lost 30lbs, am eating healthier, and have built enough strength to start running and hiking 14ers. I love her training style, because it is creative, never repetitive. It’s not boring like past experiences elsewhere, and I actually LOOK FORWARD to getting my butt kicked by her a couple days a week!


Macushla's Story

Saara has changed my life! I have been working with her for a year now and she has helped rehab a hip and a knee. I feel strong and healthy in a way I never have. Her individually and therapeutically designed workouts have been a lifesaver! At age 45, I am stronger than ever and it has even helped regulate my hormones. Not to mention her fun personality. Her specialty is her years of study and degrees, her knowledge creates safe and effective workouts. Every time I see her I trust I will walk away feeling better than before. If you want the best personal trainer in Denver, she is it!

**Macushla is also one of my Health Partners in the Denver Area. She is an amazing Acupuncturist @AnimasOrientalMedicine


Danelle's experience:

Saara is GREAT! She has such a unique, effective and fun approach to working out and staying in shape. No two workouts with her have been the same, which is so refreshing and makes me actually want to exercise. She's amazing at kicking your butt in ways you don't expect...and she always manages to *sneak* that core work in there :) Thank you Saara for sharing your gift. You've been a pleasure to work with every time, and you really are amazing at what you do!!

**Dr. Danelle Wesely is also one of my Health Partners in the Denver Area. She is an amazing Chiropractor who can be found @MoyerTotalWellness

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I can only take on ONE more one-on-one client you would train twice a week at Ascent- Mondays at 8:30am and Thursdays at 8:00am

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The Personal Trainer: 

Saara Haapanen, BSc, MSc, PhD Candidate


Beaming beacon of positivity and unparalleled source of motivational energy; Saara's professional aspiration is to transform client's lives utilizing approaches that are fun, engaging, and exciting You can read more about her here.

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