There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially Saara's group sessions

There are 4 main ways to work with Saara:


Corporate Fitness and Wellness

If your company, or building is in need of fitness or wellness services- Saara is your gal. She will design a custom program for your residence or employees based on the goals and needs of the company. Speaking engagements, lunch and learns, fitness training, customized movement breaks and nutritional coaching are services you can choose from. Someone from the team will come to you and bring all the equipment, motivation, and laughter. Please click here to contact us. No space? No problem. We can run great sessions out of hallways and stair cases.

Examples- I do weekly corporate workouts, I have created 10 week lifestyle change programs, I developed a routine for bus drivers they could do on the bus (not while driving!) to prevent the negative effects of sitting, and I've done lunch and learns for hairdressers to fight "hairdresser hunch" and back pain. These programs can be in person, online or a combination. Click here if you want to improve the health of your company. Read what others have to say-

"First of all Saara, you are an amazing, inspiring trainer.  I have never worked with someone with such enthusiasm.  I feel so lucky to have met you.  I am fairly new to DPS and the wellness program is awesome, as you know.  I have worked with personal trainers, done classes, etc. and NONE of them do what you do for me.  Thank you for what you do for me and the team".  –Dawn"


"Saara came to our hair salon, Planet Laboratories. We thoroughly enjoyed having her with us. She was expert at giving us information relevant to our profession! Since we need to be fully fit to be able to do our jobs while standing all day, she was able to cater to our needs perfectly. Saara did an amazing job introducing us to some easy, healthy stretches that we can do during the day without getting on the (hairy) floor or sweating (messing up our makeup!) She has such a charming, fun personality and is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Some of us have already reached out to her to get some personal coaching from her. We can’t wait to work more with her!" -Donna

Located in Cherry Creek North

Located in Cherry Creek North

6 weeks to a Healthier You Meal Plan and or Coaching-100% Online

Everything you need for GUARANTEED success, you have to do the work- but you will get healthier. 3 Accountability levels. 30 day money back guarantee. Nothing to loose but lbs....

"6 weeks to a healthier you is a great program. It teaches you how to eat healthy foods and the meals are filling and actually really delicious! I like the fact that you can meal prep in advance and I even learned how to poach an egg which I have never done before. I also learned to cook fish which I have never done before! I will defiantly do this program over and over again! Saara is amazing support and always willing to help modify things and answer questions." -Amanda

"What a fantastic 6 week dietary program. Even though I didn’t put my 110% effort into it, I do feel a lot better and wiser for it. I enjoyed the new food so much, that I’m already doing a round 2 on my own, and loving it!!!"- Peter

MOVE @ Work monthly membership

5 to 7 minutes of movement you can do at your desk changes daily monthly memberships available check it out here.

"I sit at a desk all day and fall victim to the 2:00 slump. The 30 day MOVE@WORK program improved my afternoon energy and made me more mindful of how movement during the day improves my energy and productivity, even after the challenge. No two days are the same, Saara keeps the movement varied, so it's always fun to login and see what the day's "workout" will be. Not to mention, Saara is hilarious so I always get a laugh which is fantastic for overall well being. Thanks Saara!"

"Saara has endless enthusiasm and creativity. I thoroughly enjoyed the 30 day MOVE@WORK program. Even though it was only about 5 minutes a day, I had a sense of accomplishment at the end of each day and even more at the end of 30 days. The follow along made it easy, and her background scenarios changed daily making it even more fun. The program gave me something to think about in movement every day. While I have a fairly physical job as a hairdresser, I was also moving muscles that I don't usually give any extra attention to or in ways that I don't usually. All of this led to taking on more exercise and movement throughout the week, which was what I wanted!"

Individual Training 

Is group training not your thing? You're a lone wolf. A renegade. I get it! I offer one-on-on training but I am only taking on one more client. You can apply here

Hybrid Programs 

 In person meeting once a month, for measurements, accountability and form/technique checks. Perfect for the individual who travels a lot for work, or the calendar is too full to schedule a regular occurring session. Programs are custom designed based on your specific needs and goals.

Sunday Kitchen Sink Workout (NO CLASSES OCT 20th-NOV. 3rd)

We have a great community here. We hold a Sunday morning session at 10 am and we have a blast. Classes take place Ascent Fitness (Evans and I-25). Sessions are packed with motivation, fun, and sweat....even giggling at times. You will do things you have never done before and will never experience the same workout twice. Expect to be inspired and pushed, this workout is different. Contact us here to try your first free class Sunday.


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