ONCE A YEAR 6 Weeks to a Healthier You- Level 2 Accountability

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ONCE A YEAR 6 Weeks to a Healthier You- Level 2 Accountability

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SAARA KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE COACHING PROGRAM available only once a year! Join the wait list here.

Access to Level 1 Plus more accountability for those that need some extra hand holding to be successful including:

  • Text message coaching. 

  • Homework tasks

  • Weekly online live group sessions

  • Access to moveatworkchallenge.com ($59.99/month value)


  • 6-Weeks of Dietitian-Approved Meal Plans

  • 6 Weekly Print-&-Go Grocery Lists

  • Complete Success Manual

  • Over 60 Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes

  • Daily Motivational & Inspirational Emails

  • "Dining Out" Swap Guide.

  • Goal-Setting Worksheet

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Level 1: JUST TELL ME WHAT TO EAT (All programs include):

  • 6-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Plans: You’ll get 6 weeks of done-for-you meal plans that are 100% Dietician Approved.

  • 6 Weekly Print-&-Go Grocery Lists: Each week comes with a complete grocery list that you can print (or access via phone) to take to grocery store.

  • Complete Success Manual: You’ll get a 28-page success manual that is designed to educate you about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle. This is loaded with success tips and strategies to help you get the best results possible.

  • Over 60 Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes: Complete Recipe Manual filled with whole-foods based, amazing recipes like Chicken Sausage & Peppers, The World's Best Turkey Chili, Baked Halibut with Citrus Salsa, Cinnamon & Chia Blueberry Smoothie, and a lot more!

  • Daily Motivational & Inspirational Emails: You’ll get a daily email designed to keep you motivated and on track with your goals. These will keep you focused and inspired.

  • "Dining Out" Swap Guide: This is the tool you need to be successful when you go out to eat! Learn how to turn any restaurant menu item into a delicious, healthy, and challenge-friendly alternative.

  • Goal-Setting Worksheet: Get focused and educated on the RIGHT way to set goals that will set you up for success.


This is how you can have more hands on coaching with me (Saara) we do lots of "healthy life hacking" to set you up for success. I also offer this program without the meal plan for 6 weeks for $797   

  • Text message coaching: We all know we live on our phones, and we don't ignore texts. It's like having a lil Saara in your pocket that keeps you on track with tips and homework. For example, "text me a photo of something you want to fit into again".

  • Homework tasks: Rome was not built in a day. In my experience sustainable life change happens when you make lots of good choices. Small GOOD choices add up, which aids in behavior change which leads to SUCCESS. You'll have homework tasks a few times a week, these tasks help you move forward and adapt healthier changes into your daily lifestyle. These are all DO-ABLE tasks, for example on the first Friday you have to pick your favorite meal and make it healthier and then share a photo . You do your homework you get results EASY PEASY.

  • Weekly online live sessions: An opportunity to ask questions, share wins, work on strategies, connect with others, request live Move@Work sessions, talk about lifestyle and performance hacks. You will drive the content this is ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU NEED, think of it as accountability and support on a weekly basis. We will work on "flexing up" you life.

  • Access to the moveatworkchallenge.com program ($59.99/month value): A weekly video that helps combat the negative effects that sitting has on your body. It's 5-7 minutes of stretches and movement you can do at your work-space.